Why You Need a 2nd Wedding Dress for Your Wedding Day

If you feel like you need an excuse to have a 2nd Wedding Dress for Your Wedding Day, here’s some indisputable reasons why from Bridal Expos Melbourne.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to wow your guests twice with a 2nd Wedding Dress for Your Wedding Day, just make sure you do it right though!

 Typically shorter, more comfortable and less expensive than the bridal gown, a 2nd Wedding Dress for Your Wedding Day makes more sense than you think. Worn later in the day, a change of gown signals the less formal part of celebrations. Cake cutting, the dancing and merry making is a great deal more comfortable in less opulent attire. And unlike your ceremony gown, it’s likely to be a dress that you will wear again.

Although it’s becoming very popular for modern weddings, it’s not a new concept. Many cultures have at least one, if not more, outfits for their marriage celebrations. It also used to be very common for brides to change into a travel outfit prior to leaving the reception. The premise being that they would leave directly for their honeymoon. Although this is no longer as commonplace, don’t let the details stand in your way of a second gorgeous outfit.

2nd Wedding Dress
2nd Wedding Dress

For brides that are torn between different looks for their wedding, they can now do both. A ceremony gown can be as full and bejeweled as you like and then swapped for a sleeker, more practical option for the party. Do try to coordinate your outfits in some way, whether that’s in the design, the material or the accessories. You might also decide to restyle your hair and makeup to better suit the look.

There’s no hard and fast rule about when to change your outfit although it helps to plan the moment before-hand. Generally, you will want to remain in your bridal gown until after photographs are taken. Then, while guests are mingling, take the opportunity to change up your look prior to the reception. It’s a great way to inject a fresh, fun moment into the day by arriving back at the party with a whole new look.

Many wedding boutiques now cater for this growing trend and can help you to find both gorgeous dresses. No need to look for excuses, you now have many reasons to go out and purchase a 2nd Wedding Dress for Your Wedding Day.

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2nd Wedding Dress