Wedding cake styles are an advent of the modern age, but wedding cakes date back to nuptials long, long ago.

The first “cakes” were actually a loaf of bread, and were broken over the heads of couples to represent fertility and prosperity.

Fast forward through the ages, and our modern cake-cutting tradition has collected a number of meanings, while adding its own twist.  With new meanings and a wider selection of wedding cake styles to choose from, the modern bride-to-be and her groom can choose something that really reflects who they are!

Today, cutting the wedding cake still carries some of the traditional tags, but the modern day version also has the bride making the first cut for luck, and the couple feeding each other cake as a symbolic promise to provide and care for each other.

For every couple, the wedding cake meaning goes even deeper.  Wedding cake styles are a reflection of who they are, their beliefs, traditions and values.

We’re not just talking about how your wedding cake looks.  We are talking about the wedding cake itself – the flavour, style and intention.

So we thought it would be fun to make a list of the most popular wedding cake styles, and have added some insight into what they say about you!

Wedding Cake Styles

Traditional Fruit Cake

If you opt for fruit cake, it sends a number of possible messages.  The first is that you are partial to tradition, or appreciate that many of your guests are!  Maybe you love the idea of keeping your piece of cake as a memento until an anniversary well into the future.  Or perhaps you simply like fruit cake!

Suspended Dessert Bar

This new trend is so hot that it is becoming a common request at many venues all over Melbourne and beyond.  If you haven’t seen one before, it won’t be long before you do.  This impressive style is as much a visual feast as it is a sweet one!  Often incorporating stunning floral artwork into the suspended design, this is definitely one to add to the short list.  For some fantastic dessert pieces to add to your suspended bar, we are huge fans of Don’t Lose Your Temper – check out their website for some amazing ideas that will make your mouth water!

A Bit of Everything

It is not uncommon today to find a wedding cake that blends a number of different wedding cake styles.  The crowd-pleaser’s perfect choice!  A top layer of fruit cake, middle tier of sponge cake, and chocolate mud base… there’s something for everyone.  And it says a lot about the bridal couple, wanting to make sure that everyone gets their cake and eats it too!

Wedding Cake Styles

Cupcake Towers

Cupcakes – the perfect mix of practical, pretty and unique.  Cupcakes give you the option to offer a variety of flavours, and present them in a gorgeous, eye-catching tower.  It is also the ultimate choice for the practical, modern couple.  There is no need to cut the cake for serving or to prepare it for guests.  Everyone who wants a cake help themselves.  No mess, no fuss… and leftovers are great for parents to take home to the kids!

Wedding Cake Styles

Donut Walls – The New Cupcakes!

We’ve been seeing this quite a lot lately, and we have to admit that we absolutely love it.  It is visually stunning, adorable, and delicious!  Donuts are popular, and a true crowd-pleaser!  Just like cupcakes, you can change up the flavours, colours and decorations to create an overall masterpiece with individualised desserts.  Your guests will be chomping at the bit for cake time!


So you’re not shy to add some extra shine?  Metallics are a stunning way to make your wedding cake stand out from the crowd.  Muted tones or something with a little more sparkle, your cake can be personalised to complement your wedding colour palette.  If you have a touch of silver, rose gold or even a metallic shine to your chosen colour, adding the same metallic edge to your cake – whether in the extra decorations, trims, or the main icing component itself – it’s sure to be a brilliant feature that pops in photos!

Wedding Cake Styles

Naked Cakes

We are seeing this more and more of late.  Couples are choosing the understated and elegant “naked cake” – where the cake itself is the hero!  The idea of this style is to add minimal icing, giving it a rustic look.  This easy-going style reflects a low maintenance approach to your wedding choices, provides a lighter dessert, and allows the adornments to stand out.


Melt-in-the-mouth macaroons have become a regular player in the wedding cake arena for some time now, and aren’t ready to pack their bags yet.  They are simple, popular and portion-controlled for those who can stop at one!  Perfect for any type of wedding, they can be a wedding cake feature themselves, or be a sweet-looking alternative for guests who aren’t really huge on cake.  Adding macaroons to the menu tells your guests that you know what people like and you’re not afraid to provide!

Wedding Cake Styles

Ice Cream Wedding Cake!

Yes, you heard us!  At Melbourne Bridal Expos, we’ve seen wedding cake styles of all types – including ice cream cake.  We’ve seen it, we’ve eaten it, and we were as excited as you must be.  It was a winner, and since we first encountered it, have heard of other on point weddings that served up custom-made, gorgeous ice cream cake!

Healthy Alternatives…

Many people are looking at healthier alternatives, or consider ways to provide for guests who might have needs different to their own.  Gluten free cakes are becoming more popular, as well as cakes that cater to a broad list of requirements, whether it is a result of preferences or allergies.  Gluten, nut, dairy and egg-free cakes, are all on the wedding cake radar now, as are low sugar alternatives.

Whatever cake you choose for your big day, it should be one that you connect with, that reflects your relationship, and provides you with beautiful memories years into the future.  To experience some of Melbourne’s most amazing wedding cake styles first hand, check out the Melbourne Bridal Expos events calendar for a comprehensive list of expos, vendor sales and venue open days!