Wedding bonbonniere Ideas Melbourne

For your guests, the wedding bonbonniere is a special reminder of their time with you on your big day.

Big or small, the wedding bonbonniere or wedding favour as it’s also known, is a small gift or that the happy couple give to their guests as their way of saying thank you.


Melbourne Wedding Bonbonniere
Melbourne Wedding Bonbonniere

Why give wedding bonbonniere to your guests?

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to give little trinkets or gifts to your guests. Firstly, it’s a way to show appreciation to guests for taking the time to attend the wedding and celebrate with you. Secondly, it can serve as a keepsake or reminder of the special day.

Guests can take home the gift and use it or display it as a memento of the wedding day. Finally, wedding bonbonnieres can add a personal touch to the wedding and reflect the couple’s personalities and style.

There are many unique or meaningful gifts you can choose to use as your wedding bonbonniere.

Depending on your wedding theme, your favourite things or even your personality, a bonbonniere can take on a life of its own. Some ideas you might go with include:

Personalised glassware:

shot glasses, wine glasses or champagne flutes can be engraved with your own name, the couple’s names or initials and even the wedding date. It’s a reminder of the day and also something the guest may choose to use again at home.

Mini photo frames:

Small photo frames that can hold a photo of the couple or a picture taken during the wedding can serve as a sentimental reminder of the special day.


Small potted plants or succulents make great wedding favours as they are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. They can be potted in decorative pots or containers that match the wedding theme.

Mini bottles of alcohol:

The couple may choose mini bottles of their favourite spirits and personalise the label with their names and wedding date.

Customised sweets:

Lollies, chocolates or even another favourite food of the couple can be packaged in personalised boxes, jars or bags that match the wedding theme. These can be a sweet treat for guests to enjoy after the wedding or even serve as part of the dessert.

Melbourne Wedding Bonbonniere

Show Your Appreciation

Wedding bonbonnieres are a great way to show appreciation to guests and add a personal touch to the wedding. The key is choosing a gift that reflects the couple’s personalities and style and that guests can use or keep as a memory from the special day. If you need any more wedding ideas view our latest blogs!