At Melbourne Bridal Expos, we love a good wedding.  And we especially love a gorgeous TV wedding!  Celebrity and TV nuptials are exciting – not only do you get to indulge in a little bit of lounge-room romanticism, but a beautiful TV wedding like the recent Vampire Diaries wedding can set trends for many real weddings to come.

So when Caroline and Stefan said “I Do” last week in the long-awaited Vampire Diaries wedding, the team at Melbourne Bridal Expos was transfixed!

We could go on for ages about the stunning couple and their on-screen relationship, the romantic backstory, the exciting lead-up… but that’s not why we’re here!  The reality is that anyone can appreciate a stunning TV wedding without knowing characters or plot.

There is so much to get enthusiastic about – the soft, romantic and understated style of The Vampire Diaries wedding –  will be a big influence for weddings in 2017!

Vampire Diaries Wedding
Vampire Diaries Wedding

It is floral, gentle and chic.  Caroline’s hair and dress are a perfect example of relaxed elegance, and there is definite timelessness to this wedding.  We dare say that the wedding album won’t be shelved due to out-dated trends!

The décor in this wedding is beautiful.  A stunning floral archway with pink, white and cream flowers; stunning purple VIP carpet, and fairy lights galore once the sun disappeared.  There is so much romance in one place that it’s breathtaking.

We can’t go without talking about the hero of 2017’s Vampire Diaries wedding – it has to be the dress!  Elegant, gorgeous, classic – a style that will suit any bride.  It translates well into the world of real-life weddings.  At Melbourne Bridal Expos, we know we’ll see this becoming a wedding dress trend for the next year, and beyond.

The bride glows with authenticity.  Caroline’s hair, makeup… nothing is structured, or “constructed”.  She radiates her own beauty, and all the extras are simply the support acts they’re supposed to be.

Vampire Diaries Wedding

We were bursting to share the beauty of this simple, yet stunning wedding.  Keep an eye on the weddings to come – the wonderful thing is that we believe brides won’t necessarily directly copycat Caroline and Stefan’s style, but let it inspire them to create their own romantic version of this gorgeous and relaxed ceremony.

Melbourne Bridal Expos is always on the lookout for stunning, trendsetting weddings. Check back for more on our top 2017 wedding trends.