Looking for the Top 30 Most Requested Songs for Mother Son Dance?  We’ve got them here to help you choose!

Choosing the right song can be difficult but the top 30 most requested songs for mother son dance will definitely provide a great platform to find the perfect one.

A dance between a mother and her son is just as important as the one between the bride and her father, hence, choosing the right song will make this dance a moment to remember.  The top 30 most requested songs for mother son dance is a great place to start.

The song choice should not be taken lightly, instead it should have meaning behind it, as a mother son dance is a special moment that should be cherished forever.

Top 30 Most Requested Songs for Mother Son Dance

The top 30 most requested songs for mother son dance have a variety of songs from emotional choices that pull on heart strings to those that are upbeat. Josh Groban’s ‘You Raise Me Up’ and Celine Dion’s ‘Because You Loved Me’ will definitely create emotion and will not leave a dry eye in the house. These are two very meaningful songs that are a great dedication to a mother who has cared for a son and played a special role in their life.

Topping the charts is Rascal Flatt’s hit ‘My Wish’ which is a beautiful country song choice from a mother to her son. Other songs on the list that also have song lyrics dedicated to a son include ‘Landslide’ by Dixie Chicks, ‘Don’t Blink’ by Kenny Chesney and ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ by Phil Collins. Each are not only a dedication, but beautiful song choices with lyrics that sum up a love from a mother to her son.

With this list inspiring your mother son dance choice, there are a variety of songs that are tear jerkers and sentimental classics. This dance can be just as emotional as the one between a bride and her father, hence finding that special song is a must.

Taking the opportunity to go through these songs is a beautiful gesture to a mother who spent many years caring and raising her son. 

Whether it is chosen by the mother or son, there is a song choice that both will love and cherish forever.

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