Surprise Weddings in Melbourne

When you Want to Do Something Unique for Your Wedding

Why not plan a surprise ceremony for your special day? Not all couples imagine a big fairy tale wedding. Some prefer the idea of having a surprise wedding under the guide of an engagement party, birthday party, anniversary celebration, or other special date – and then have a surprise wedding for their guests.

Keeping your nuptials and wedding a secret from your guests until the last minute can be a fun and unique way to tie the knot. For one, it’s more casual than most weddings. It is easier on your budget too. And everyone loves a surprise!

There are many ways that you can create a surprise wedding.

Invite Guests to a Lavish Lunch

Booking a large table at a deluxe resort is a great way to celebrate your wedding. You might choose to have your nuptials at the grounds of the resort. All that you need is your wedding attire, a lunch reservation, a wedding licence and a celebrant.

Engagement / Wedding Party

Everyone generally asks when the big day is at an engagement party – but your engagement party can be the big day! The look on your guest’s faces will be a lot of fun!

Surprise Weddings in Melbourne

Picnic Wedding

Invite your guests to a picnic at a beautiful scenic spot – and arrive in your wedding dress! This is oh so romantic, and a big surprise for all.

Adventure Nuptials

If you are a couple that love adventure, you may wish to have your surprise wedding nuptials read while sky diving, at a racetrack, from a hot air balloon, or on a helicopter joy ride. Invite friends and family to watch you take the thrill and they will have a ball at the wedding as well as enjoying watch your event!

Sporting Surprise Party

Mad AFL fans? Rugby nuts? Hockey enthusiasts? Whether you play or just love your sport, a wedding with a sports theme, or timed to be directly after a game is a great way of celebrating your passion. Ensure that your guests are free for the evening.

Surprise Weddings in Melbourne

Whatever you choose for your secret wedding, there is nothing like seeing the look of surprise on your guests’ faces! It may not be as easy as you think to keep it a secret either. So, ensure that you let all the caterers, photographers, bar staff, etc know that it is a surprise for everyone else!

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