2019/20 Summer Wedding Trends

Getting married in summer 2019 / 2020? Melbourne is beautiful city for a wedding. With the Mornington Peninsula nearby, and gorgeous scenic photo opportunities in all parts of the city and surrounds – Melbourne has everything to make your day memorable.

Trends for 2019 and 202 summer range from bold colours to creative, beautiful necklines.

Strapless Wedding Gowns

Strapless dresses are in vogue. Not only are they gorgeous, they are perfect for Melbourne’s hot summer. Team with a beautiful and sexy wrap and feminine full skirt.

Vera Wang, Costarellos and Viktor and Rolf Mariage are all in vogue.

Corsetry Outerwear

Cute corsetry is making a comeback in weddings – it is more regal and less sexy than before. Asymmetrical pleating and hemlines. The look is sophisticated and sexy.

Summer Wedding Trends


Shorts and blazers are on cue for the man of the day, and what better way to beat the heat! Also more casual pants like white or tan, shirt and suspenders, and brown tweed vets over a classic shirt are in vogue too. The suit and tux are as fashinable as ever, with blues, blacks and greys being ever popular in summer 2019/20.

70’s Inspired Weddings

Saturday night fever inspired looks are in vogue in 2019 and 2020. From flared pants through to shimmery additions like Studio 54, the look and feel is of party vibes and minimal lines. If you would rather another look for the isle, consider this style for the reception.

Summer Wedding Trends

Bold Beautiful Colour

Trade in the traditional whites and pastel tones on your wedding day for vivid oranges, blues, pinks and yellows. Pick a few shades that work well together or opt for a variety of shades of the same colour family – ie purples, magentas and berry tones. Incorporate everything into the wedding themes from your invitations to your linens and flowers and even your bridesmaids dresses and food and bevvies.

Summer Wedding Trends

Naked Cakes

The humble cakes that is on trend and is finding its way across all the wedding dessert tables as either the actual wedding cake or as an additional dessert. Add some beautiful presentations in the way of tablecloths and gorgeous cake stands.

Cool Desserts

When its hot out, cold desserts and foods are seriously on trend. Gourmet ice creams, edible flowers, mini fruit tarts and more are all ever popular. Think about your childhood faves and add a gourmet twist – gourmet ice cream cake, and sophisticated cupcakes are ever popular. Potato salad and pasta salads are on cue too and are ideal in the Melbourne heat.

Summer Wedding Trends

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Pick a colour and let your bridesmaids go shopping to their heart’s content! This is totally on trend and it will keep your bridesmaids happy too.

New Themes

Rather than having a garden setting or beach wedding the net trend is to take a personal approach. Getting married at a venue or using a theme that is reminiscent of your childhood and/or that is personal to you both, is in vogue and will make the day super meaningful and memorable.

If you holidayed in Hawaii or are having your honeymoon there, add in a Hawaiian theme. If you both grew up at the beach bring in some elements specific to the beaches you have been to.

Summer Wedding Trends