Bridal Expos Melbourne – Summer Wedding Tips

If you’re planning a summertime wedding, you’ll needs some summer wedding tips to ensure your wedding is as perfect as you envision it.

Summertime weddings. You’re probably imagining perfect blue sky, gentle breeze, beautiful flowers and glowing guests. But in reality, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Here are some summer wedding tips from Bridal Expos Melbourne to bring your vision to life.

Dehydration, scorching sun, sudden thunderstorms and bugs – those are all possible and they’ll put a real damper on your picture-perfect wedding. Let’s talk through our favourite summer wedding tips. 🌞

Bridal Expos Melbourne - Summer Wedding Tips

Choose an indoor/outdoor venue

Look for a reception site that offers both indoor and outdoor areas. That way, guests can choose to be in an indoor or outdoor environment. Perhaps a ballroom or function room that opens out to an outdoor terrace on landscaped gardens, a golf course, or even the ocean. Your older or pregnant guests will be grateful for the two options.


Provide portable air

If your wedding and reception will be in a marquee or open air, you should rent good-quality portable fans or air conditioners. These days, many fans make less noise, so they won’t drown out the music or toasts. The key is to keep all your guests comfortable so have these scattered around, especially in more crowded areas. For a pretty touch, decorative hand-held paper fans at each table will be appreciated.


Provide sunscreen and bug repellent

Sunburn and insect bites are big no-no’s. You’ll be remembered for being a conscientious and responsible couple for providing spray bottles of sunscreen. Set them on each table or place in one area where guests can spray themselves. Have bottles of insect repellent handy too so no one has to deal with itchy bites.


Provide lots of fresh and cold water

Alcohol is a known dehydrator. Coupled with the heat, dehydration is a potential problem. In a formal setting, have waiters serve ice water in stylish glasses. For splashes of colour and added style, have pieces of citrus or other fruit floating in the water. In an informal reception, stock the bar with water bottles. Your guests will thank you for it.


Wear cool clothing

In the invitation, it’s best to urge guests to dress appropriately for the heat. Cotton, loose clothing, no jackets for the men. Also think about the furniture. Metal chairs will heat up in the sun. Arrange to have chair cushions or fabric slip covers for the chairs.

Now you’re all set to have your perfect summer wedding. Be sure to check out the Bridal Expos Melbourne blog for more tips and information on wedding vendors and services.