Planning to propose? Make it an experience that will last a lifetime with our guide to the Best Wedding Proposal Ideas.

Have you been wondering how to pop the question, and need a bit of help?  At Melbourne Bridal Expos, here is our list of the best wedding proposal ideas that we’ve seen in recent years.

There so many ways to propose to your loved one in a unique and exciting way – making the moment one to remember for a lifetime ahead. With thousands of options out there to consider, let’s take a look at some of the best wedding proposal ideas from 2018 to get the inspiration flowing…

Best Marriage Proposal Ideas
  • Mapped out destination proposals – make the experience of your proposal truly unique by whisking your partner away for the weekend, to a destination of choice. Map out your plans for the weekend on a printed map, one of which will be the destination for your special moment. Choose a location with a stunning view, making the moment even more breathtaking.
  • Proposing mid-air – almost nothing is more romantic than being amongst the clouds, sipping on wine, with an aerial view of the world down below. A hot air balloon is a stunning option to make your proposal one that will be remembered forever.
  • Twilight picnic proposals – there are man reasons people love a more traditional proposal option, one where every detail can be planned and offered as a surprise for your loved one. A traditional picnic, with candles, a packed picnic basket, wine, and a proposal is something to always cherish.
  • A musical entrance – a romantic dinner night out can take a Hollywood twist. Planning a musical surprise at the time of your proposal can fill the room with smiles, love, and excitement. Why not go one step further and plan for the entire proposal to be filmed on the night – making it a moment that can be captured forever.
  • An animal proposal – sometimes the most romantic of moments can occur while you’re at home, enjoying the life that you’ve built together so far. If you’re lucky to have a beloved pet, why not get them involved in presenting the ring. Make the moment more special by letting your family pet do the honours.

There are endless options when considering the best wedding proposal ideas – but at the end of the day, every experience will be uniquely yours. By browsing through hundreds of incredible ways to ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage, you can blend multiple suggestions into one – making the ultimate experience that’s just for you.

Most of all, make sure the journey is wonderful for you both.  Take time to enjoy exploring the best wedding proposal ideas for 2019, and then set about planning your ultimate wedding!

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