Mulling over photobooth picture ideas? Check out this Bride’s reflection on her wedding day for inspiration!

All too soon, the big day is over. Was it real you ask? Then you smile and remember – one of your photobooth picture ideas was to use the photos in your wedding guest book.

You reach for guest book, and instantaneously you’re transported back in time to your wedding day. You see the happy, joyful faces of your family and friends smiling back. You also breathe a sigh of relief. As it turns out Jane, your old mate from University, wasn’t divulging details of a drunken night out to Mum and Dad. Nope, she was in the photobooth with Tim and Mike pulling goofy faces.

Everyone seems to be having so much fun. You congratulate yourself once more, this modern twist on a traditional wedding guest book is one of the best photobooth picture ideas you had. The other stroke of genius was giving everyone an empty keyring, into which they could insert their photo booth pictures from the wedding.

Photobooth Picture Ideas

You made the decision to ditch traditional wedding favours (think sugar coated almonds) for something everyone could keep and enjoy for years to come! And you probably saved Aunt Gladys a trip to the Dentist. You laugh – she and your Uncle didn’t quite smile at the right time in the photobooth. The picture is hilarious.

All of a sudden you realise the old adage is true – a picture IS worth a thousand words. And so, the following year when your first wedding anniversary rolls around, you start brain storming photobooth picture ideas once again. You decide on making an awesome giant photobooth pictures poster to celebrate the best wedding ever.

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