Pantone Colour of the year – how it fits in weddings – Magentaverse


If you’re in the midst of wedding planning and you haven’t heard the term Magentaverse yet- Don’t worry!

You soon will!

Pantone Wedding Colours 2021

So what is Magentaverse all about?

Each year, Pantone announces a colour of the year that sets the tone for fashion, beauty, and design trends.

The 2023 Pantone colour of the year is Magentaverse (a vibrant and energetic shade of magenta) which is expected to have a significant impact on wedding trends from flowers and nails through to makeup, fashion, table arrangements and more.


What can we expect to see with Magentaverse in the mix?

What can we say, it’s a great choice for those brides out there who aren’t afraid to make a bold statement.

This vibrant hue works well with a variety of other colours, including white, ivory and various shades of pink, creating a beautiful and eye-catching contrast.


How will the Magentaverse impact Weddings?

Brides can incorporate Magentaverse into their floral arrangements in many ways through the use of magenta roses, peonies, or even dahlias.

Want to go all out with your table arrangements and other little details for your big day?

Magentaverse table runners, napkins and chair sashes can help add a pop of colour to your reception, or adding some magenta lighting can create a warm and inviting ambiance for you and your guests.

Add a dash of magenta to make up, nails or even a splash of colour through dresses.

Magentaverse bridesmaid dresses can even be paired with neutral accessories and shoes, allowing the bold colour to speak for itself.

The boys don’t have to be shy with this colour either. The groom and his accomplices can go for colourful ties, vests, socks or even for their button hole.

It’s bold, out there and a little on the daring side.

It could be your favourite colour and a beautiful way to add flair to your wedding day.


Whether you incorporate it in a big way or a small one, this versatile and extremely eye-catching colour is one way to make a memorable statement for your wedding day.


If you need a little help tracking down this colour for your wedding theme, our team is here to help!