When it comes to wedding rings, the girls shouldn’t be the only ones having fun. Men’s wedding rings are just as important.

These days, men are taking the time to pick a ring that suits their taste and lifestyle. Men’s wedding rings come in a variety of tones, material and designs, so the choices are interesting. It’s an important piece of jewellery and should have a lot of thought put into it.

Just as they are for women, men’s wedding rings don’t only signify the love and commitment between them and their spouse, they are also a reflection of their personality.


The Shape
Men's Wedding Rings
Classic Court

A traditional choice and the most common, alongside the D-shaped ring. The cut has a rounded interior that matches the exterior. The result is a rounded ring, making it the most comfortable shape to wear. This is also the shape that couples use to create a matching set.


The D-Shape ring features a slimmer design than the Classic Court, though it is still similar. This cut is perfect for those who prefer the traditional shape of a classic court yet want a close-fitting flat profile. For active men, this is a safe choice because of its streamlined design.

Flat Ring

With a flat interior and exterior, this is the exact opposite of a Classic Court. It isn’t streamlined and can catch on clothing or machinery, so men who work with their hands should choose another shape. For some, the entire surface of the band fits comfortably because of its flat interior. For others, it doesn’t.

Flat Court

For men craving balance, this ring is ideal. It showcases the exterior of a flat ring with the comfort of the classic court’s round interior. It’s less bulky than the other shapes. This is modern and becoming very popular.


This style used to be a symbol of wealth and power. Now, any man can wear one. With an engraved or raised symbol, series of words and letters, or even an image, it usually represents something of great significance to the wearer.

Men's Signet Ring
The Metal

It’s the strongest, whitest and most durable – meaning it comes with a hefty price tag. Platinum is consistently white and shiny without the need for rhodium plating. It’s also hypoallergic.


Part of the platinum family, at a much lower price. You can’t find that dark grey shine elsewhere. Just like its platinum cousin, it resists corrosion and is hypoallergenic.

White gold

The shine is close to that of platinum, being an alloy of yellow gold and white metal. Rhodium plating is required occasionally, but some prefer to go without and enjoy an unusual mix of gold tone with white and yellow sparkles.

Yellow Gold

This is the most traditional of all wedding ring metals. It made its first appearance in the Egyptian period. Since then, it is seen as timeless and precious – earning it a major role in cultural and religious ceremonies.


Tungsten is a relatively new metal on the market. It is a natural grey colour and is considerably rare compared with other metal options. Hard-wearing and mostly scratch-resistent, it is popular with grooms who want something a little non-traditional, masculine, and hardy for those who work with their hands.


Growing in popularity at a rapid rate, titanium is an extremely durable metal with a black tone that looks brilliantly modern and masculine. Black diamonds are often paired with titanium as an inset stone, which creates a unique look.

Men's Wedding Rings
Something different

There are other options for men who don’t want to go down the metal road for wedding rings. Some are now choosing tattooed rings or silicone, which are brilliant alternatives for those who enjoy an active lifestyle or work in trades that prevent them from wearing metal rings for safety reasons.

Tattoo Wedding Rings

Every groom deserves a ring that reflects his style and personality. A piece of jewellery like this should be chosen after time and care is taken. Be sure to check out the Melbourne Bridal Expos online directory for all your wedding needs.