What a challenging year for weddings in Melbourne – for couples and vendors alike. But the exciting news is that it’s back to work (or fun) for Melbourne Weddings in 2021.

The team at Melbourne Bridal Expos has been in close contact with many wedding vendors and suppliers through these difficult months. The resilience exhibited throughout the industry while waiting to find out if Melbourne Weddings in 2021 – or even for the remainder of 2020 – would actually be on the table is astounding.

Fortunately, couples all over Victoria are still committed to tying the knot now that COVID has taken a backseat, and Melbourne Weddings in 2021 are going to be even more brilliant than ever before.

Melbourne Weddings in 2021

It’s time to take celebrations to new heights. Having lost our freedoms temporarily in 2020, rumblings at Melbourne Bridal Expos HQ suggest that the focus for weddings in the next year will be on fun, family and festiveness.

We are keeping a close watch on all the new trends promising to emerge now that the wedding landscape is changing. Wedding themes, reception styles, guestlist sizes, and some of the finer details are bound to adapt, just as every other industry and event type is evolving as we step into what will be known for some time as “COVID-Normal”.

Above all else, be sure to celebrate your union with as much joy and love as you can muster. Music, dancing, stunning effects, exquisite backdrops, and mouth-watering fare will feature, as we all come together again to revel in the beauty that is an iconic Melbourne wedding. And let’s not forget how important it is to capture the extra-special occasion, both in photos and video.

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Melbourne Weddings 2021