Melbourne Christmas wedding trends

If you’re planning a Melbourne Christmas wedding there are so many ways of approaching your day. Christmas is just around the corner!

From the countryside to the beach, there’s something to suit every couple.


Have a read as we take you through Melbourne’s biggest Christmas wedding trends this year.

Melbourne christmas wedding trends
wedding at christmas

Native Flora

Celebrate the beauty of Australia’s natural surroundings with a native floral theme.

Use bouquets full of eucalyptus, muted colours and personalised gum leaves.

With an abundance of native flowers blooming, Christmas is the perfect time to embrace Australia’s landscape.


Beach Wedding

Things can certainly get warm at Christmastime in Melbourne…

Beach weddings are perfect for a nice breeze in the air and a laid-back, beautiful setting.

A beachside wedding makes for stunning photos, an effortless atmosphere and a fun reception where you can cool off in the ocean!


Backyard Wedding

Nothing says intimate like a beautiful backyard wedding.

Backyard weddings are perfect for Christmas as they evoke a family-orientated atmosphere.

With trees full of fairy lights, a perfect pavlova and plenty of laughter- everyone will feel at home at your wedding.

New Year’s Eve Wedding

We know, we know, this is not technically Christmas…

But if your wedding is later on in the week, a New Year’s Eve wedding is amazing for a glamorous, fun night out.

Not only does everyone have the next day off to recover, but it’ll certainly be a date to remember!


Weddings are a time for joy and celebration, which makes them ideal for Christmastime!

No matter what your tastes are, there’s bound to be a trend that will suit you and your partner.

We love how different all of these trends are and the possibilities that come with having a Christmas wedding.


What wedding trend will you be embracing this Christmas?

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