Date & Weather – Saturday 4th March – 27 Degrees

Expo hours – 9:30am – 5pm

Location – Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens – Handicap Access, Portable air conditioning in some areas.

Parking – Next Door at the Museum Car Park, and the Melbourne Museum undercover $17 flat rate.

Public Transport – Yes – tram

Ticket Cost – $25 online, $35 at the door (a high door fee for an average show!)

Advertising – Saw the advertisements on Facebook and heard on the radio

Prizes – Not advertised online; Can only enter 5 competitions from the major prizes – major prize pool $30K

Giveaways – Very little in the way of actual giveaways, a bag with the directory, an entry form for prizes, a privilege card to get discounts with selected companies

Features List – Bridal fashion parade, wedding photography exhibition

Layout – Winding layout from the entry and fashion parade and go back the way you came to get out. It’s difficult to change route once you’ve entered the winding layout.

Queue To Get In – No Queue

Quantity Of Exhibitors – 130 – Good quality, although because the hall had very few visitors, the exhibitors all come at you at once – very intimidating

Bridal & Men’s Fashion 30
Cakes & Candy 8
Transport 4
Celebrants 3
Hair, Makeup & Beauty 8
Venues 15
Photographers, Photobooths & Videos 25
Flowers, Decorations & Hire 15
Travel & Honeymoon 7
Entertainment 5
Stationery 10

Overall Star Rating – 2/5

Overall Impression –

The overall energy of the Melbourne Bridal Fashion Week Expo this year was more inconsistent than expected.  This event has amazing potential, with some of the best the Melbourne bridal fashion industry has to offer all under one roof.  However, with such a high price point for entry and parking, it is important that the event shone for all the brides-to-be and their entourages.  It should have also offered great returns in the way of ideas, enjoyment, and general wedding buzz!

Unfortunately, our reviewing party was underwhelmed by the lack of buzz.  There was some confusion around prizes, and restrictions around entering the competitions. Combined with a layout that didn’t lend itself to relaxed browsing, and a small number of attendees, the potential of Melbourne Bridal Fashion Week was lost in a haze of average organisation.

On the flip side, the exhibitors were a collection of some of the best bridal fashion suppliers we’ve seen!  If the expo had a better flow to it, they could have relaxed more themselves and enjoyed a rewarding event.  As it was, without good attendee numbers, layout, or format, the exhibitors approached the public more proactively.  Our bride-to-be in the field found it somewhat overwhelming, and at times even intimidating.

The venue for Melbourne Bridal Fashion Week was the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.  It is a lovely area and the gardens made for a great day out.  The only downside to the venue itself was that there were only portable air conditioners in some areas, a touch on the lean side for a warm day.  If the venue had been more crowded it would have made for an uncomfortable event!

There were a few giveaways, but our bride-to-be admitted that she expected more for the price of entry.  The bridal fashion parade and photography exhibition were lovely features, but were unfortunately lost in poor layout, and served to detract from other exhibitors rather than give the event its much-needed boost!

Overall, Melbourne Bridal Fashion Week could be a wonderful addition to a wedding party’s calendar, if the organisers overcome these hiccups before next year.  We’ll be sure to get a follow-up review from another loved-up bride-to-be and her buddies at next year’s event.  Melbourne Bridal Expos will keep you posted on more expos, reviews and news – be sure to check in regularly to get the buzz on everything bridal in Melbourne!



Melbourne Bridal Fashion Week