If you’ve been watching MAFS as closely as the Melbourne Bridal Expos team has, you’re sure to be as excited as we are about the Married at First Sight 2022 Wedding Trends.

There has been a wonderful variety of styles and themes this year. So much so that we’ve had some significant – and friendly – debates over our favourite Married at First Sight 2022 wedding trends. Even more, we can’t wait to see what it means for future bridal trends!

The best thing about MAFS wedding trends for 2022 was that there wasn’t one standout trend! Every wedding was unique and seemed to be very well matched to individual personalities and styles. Each wedding ceremony was a feast for the eyes and had a different aesthetic.

Gown Inspo

It would be a rare bride who was not inspired by the gowns on this season of Married at First Sight. While all the gowns were stunning, elegant, and had an air of minimalism, no two were alike.

Beaded glamour was a feature for brides Domenica, Selin and Holly, while Tamara, Selina and Samantha chose smooth minimalist lines. Olivia was uber-pretty in lace, and Ella was a knockout in her silky gown.

Married at First Sight 2022 Wedding Trends - Holly

Photo Credit: 9now.nine.com.au

Sophisticated Neutrals

Selin, Tamara, Selina, and Olivia went with understated neutrals for their colour palettes this year, giving their weddings a lovely, nature-inspired elegance. Tamara wore The Alexis from Pearl Bridal, Olivia glowed in her Brides to Be Elora gown, and Selina looked like a fairytale princess in her Jack Sullivan ‘Freddie’ gown that hailed from Adelaide Bridal Collective. Selin definitely turned heads in her ‘Marisol’ Gown by Steven Khalil.

Pretty Pinks, Purples and Pastels

The pink and purple end of the spectrum was well represented. Domenica offset her stunning Allesio Gown by designer Rachel Gilbert with soft pink and peach tones. There were some lovely roses in the mix! Holly and Andrew’s wedding was bold and beautiful, the bright pink arrangements a gorgeous contrast against Holly’s white beaded gown (we all love her Isabelle Dress by designer Karen Willis Holmes – it’s right up there as one of our favourites of all time!)

The pink and purple colour palette award, as far as we’re concerned, goes to Samantha, with the most magnificent range of rich colours in her floral arrangements. These flowers were the hero of Samantha and Al’s wedding (though Al might be a bit jealous of that one!), pairing beautifully with the bride’s Made With Love Bridal Hazel dress.

Married at First Sight 2022 Wedding Trends - Samantha

Photo Credit: 9now.nine.com.au

MAFS 2022 Wedding Trends - Ella and Mitch

Photo Credit: 9now.nine.com.au

Dramatic Red

If we’re handing out second place, it must go to Ella and Mitch, with the super bold but absolutely divine red colour scheme. We’ve never seen so many red roses in one place! There was nothing subtle about their intimate wedding, and we believe these two wouldn’t have had it any other way. We’re also loving Ella’s India Dress by White Runway and beaded headpiece, which is probably the most glamorous look of the 2022 MAFS series in our humble opinions.

Twilight Romance

Honourable mention goes to Selina and Cody’s ultra-romantic twilight wedding. The adorned tree that stood in place of a bridal arch was standout. The whole affair was so mystical and dreamy, and we believe this will be a theme that features in many weddings to come. Everything is better with fairy lights! Surely there were real fairies watching in the wings of this ceremony.

Wedding Trends MAFS 2022 Wedding Trends - Selina and Cody

Photo Credit: 9now.nine.com.au

Arch-y variety

There were so many different types of backdrops and arches featured in this year’s ceremonies, but they were all just that – backdrops. It appears that the impressively huge floral arrangements took centre-stage, with the arches being supports for the arrangements rather than features themselves.


What Married at First Sight 2022 Wedding Trends do you expect we’ll see in the next year or two? At Melbourne Bridal Expos, we’re excited to see what unfolds!