Golden Hour Pantone Wedding Colours – Rich and Warm Wedding Hues

We’re loving the Golden Hour Pantone wedding colours, a palette that adds natural warmth to any wedding.

When we look at the carefully selected Golden Hour Pantone wedding colours, our thoughts instinctively move towards richly-toned autumn weddings or sunny summer nuptials.

The reality is, however, that this mix of traditional and neutral-based colours works for any season.  When the Pantone Color Institute and WeddingWire came together to create the Golden Hour Pantone wedding colours, they absolutely nailed it!

If you are planning a rustic or vintage themed wedding, you can’t go wrong with these golden and coppery tones.  They work well for weddings set in any earthy, natural setting – whether it be a winery, cultivated garden or beachy backdrop.

These are colours that, on their own, might not jump out as a match!  We consider ourselves pretty savvy in the design department, but completely love the genius that inspired this complex and sophisticated colour palette.

Golden Hour Pantone Wedding Colours

From soft hues such as Apricot Ice, White Swan and Pale Gold, to the bolder tones of colours like Orange Ochre, Picante and Copper, our proverbial hats have been tipped in respect.

After having a spirited chat about how the Golden Hour Pantone wedding colours can be best used, the Melbourne Bridal Expos team came to the agreement that the answer is texture.  And it seems that the Pantone Color Institute agrees.

The key to creating an elegant yet eye-catching effect is by layering these colours with different textures and materials.  You want to ride the wave that these colours create – from the initial “Wows” to the intrigue and interest that they inspire, your colour selection for your big day is sure to impress.

Whatever season or style wedding you have pinned to your vision board, this colour palette is one that will stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to enlist the help of design experts and wedding vendors who know how to make this palette pop.  Check out the Melbourne Bridal Expos directory today to create your own golden wedding!

Golden Hour Pantone Wedding Colours