Planning a wedding is huge undertaking. There are many decisions to make. Here is a guide to all Wedding Essentials for a perfect day.

From choosing a venue, to finding the right celebrant, photographer and hair stylist, there is a lot to consider. But finding wedding essentials doesn’t have to be a hard task. Here are some tips.

Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Melbourne is a culturally rich metropolis. Whether you’re after an indoor wedding, an intimate garden wedding, beachfront ceremony, vineyard affair or sophisticated hotel event, Melbourne has it all. Take tours of the venues that interest you, get a feel for the spaces and ensure you have a connection with the event staff. You’re bound to find the perfect style and fit for you.

Wedding Photographers

Remember these photos aren’t just for you, they’re for all the people who matter to you. A good photographer knows when to capture the important moments as well as the emotions of the day. Ask to view an entire album to get a feel for the photographer’s style.

Wedding Essentials

Wedding Videographers

Videographers will come to your wedding and capture a lot of footage, then edit the unnecessary bits out. The finished product will have titles, transitions, and music. Choose a wedding videographer that gives you a brilliant product in the end, including a DVD with menu menu.

Wedding Celebrant

If you are not getting married in a church with your minister, a celebrant is your likely option. Ask for recommendations. Do a Google search and read the reviews. Your venue choice should also factor into your decision. Do you feel comfortable when talking to him/her? Many couples say they instinctively know a wedding celebrant is right for them after a chat. Let your gut guide you!

Wedding DJ/Band

Hire a professional DJ or band – if you’re lucky enough to have musical friends or family, you can ask them. It would be a nice touch to have loved ones play the music for you. However, hiring professionals will keep it strictly business.

Wedding Flowers

Choose the bridal bouquet first. Once you decide on the flowers and colours, you can choose complementary flowers for your bridal party and décor, including table centrepieces. Your floral arrangements should suit your style and wedding theme. Whether you go with simple and elegant or bright and unique, your wedding flowers are the cherry on top when it comes to aesthetics.

Wedding Essentials Melbourne

Wedding Transport

Start your search at least six months before the big day. Confirm all the details in a written agreement – all costs, insurance, refunds, pick-up/drop-off times and locations, and exact models of the vehicles. If you need transport for out-of-town guests, you may need additional vehicles or the help of friends.

Wedding Dress

You should decide on your wedding gown supplier at least nine months before the wedding. Depending on where your dress is coming from, it could take a few months to arrive. Then, you’ll need time for alterations. It’s tempting to bring your mother, maid-of-honour and all your bridesmaids – but we recommend bringing only one person whose opinion you really trust.

Wedding Hair and Makeup

Your hair and makeup is a collaboration between hair stylist and makeup artist. At your preview appointments, be clear on your style and find a picture of what you would like. Preferably wait till your hairstyle has been finalised before you purchase hair accessories and jewellery.


Your wedding is an occasion that you will hold in your memories forever, and everything needs to be just right. For information on high quality wedding vendors and services, check out the Melbourne Bridal Expos directory.