Finding inspiration with famous wedding vows

Words can escape us all at the best of times, but on the biggest day of your life you can be prepared with some inspiration from famous wedding vows.

Famous wedding vows can include and cover the very traditional right down to cultural and everything in between. There are many different ways to express yourself within your vows.

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melbourne bridal expos wedding vow inspiration

At Melbourne Bridal Expos, we’re here to help with some famous wedding vows – your wedding vow inspiration guide. We know that your vows form an incredibly meaningful part of your day and beyond. Whether you want to start a new tradition with your very own vows, stick with age-old traditional vows or even create a mix of the two, you can’t go wrong with a little inspiration from the many who have gone before you.

The exact nature and wording of wedding vows can vary greatly with factors such as their religion, personal beliefs, personality, and various other details which determine the vows that they use. There are many different religious backgrounds, including but not limited to: Jewish, Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian; each with their own core principles and beliefs along with the promises of life-long commitment, love, kindness and a blessing for a happy life together.

A Hindu couple’s wedding vows are different to those we typically hear. Instead they will declare to follow seven steps within the Hindu religion. Like Hindu, Buddhist ceremonies don’t always feature the standard vows but involve the couple reciting guiding principles together.

An interfaith ceremony brings together the different faiths and beliefs of each partner, blending both your core values into your vows.

There are also couples who prefer secular or non-denominational weddings and work towards adding a personal touch to the wedding rituals and customs. The Apache Wedding Blessing has become a popular prayer for modern weddings because it is non-denominational. It comes from the movie Broken Arrow (1950) and is based on a 1947 novel called Blood Brothers, but it’s sentimental words have become synonymous with wedding vows.

“Now you will feel no rain,
for each of you will be shelter for the other.
Now you will feel no cold,
for each of you will be warmth for the other.
Now there is no more loneliness.
Now you are two persons,
but there is only one life before you.
May your days together be good and long
upon the earth.”

However you choose to travel this path, ensure the words represent you, your partner and are exactly how you want your vows to come across. If we can assist you in any way, with any part of your day, please reach out to our team.