Different Wedding Ceremonies
A wedding brings two people together as one, but there is more than one way to do it, with unique wedding ceremonies taking place across the world.

Wedding ceremonies are conducted in different styles and traditions, depending on a myriad of choices including personal, cultural and religious beliefs.

Varying in style and practice, wedding ceremonies can reflect a wide range of customs from different societies.

You don’t have to stick to traditional ways of getting married and ultimately it’s up to the beliefs of the bride and groom and how they want to get hitched.


  • Christian wedding ceremonies are one of the most popular of western styles performed around the world. This ceremony usually involves the couple exchanging vows and rings in the presence of a wedding officiant.
  • Civil wedding ceremonies are another way of tying the knot. Usually taking place in the town or city hall, a registrar will conduct the ceremony but it isn’t very personalised.
  • Interfaith wedding ceremonies are a great way for two people to combine their separate faiths into one wedding.
  • Non-denominational ceremonies include spiritual elements but not specific religious factors. Those who don’t have a focussed faith may prefer this option.
Traditional Wedding
Different Wedding Ceremonies

Many couple also choose to bring alternate rituals and new traditions into their wedding ceremonies as a way of starting something unique, while still showing their commitment to one another.


  • Sand, stone and water can be used as a way of uniting couples, as well as handfasting where ribbons are used to represent their union.
  • The lighting of candles is a symbolic way of merging two people and their families as one.
  • Passing the rings around is one way to include not just your parents, but all the guests at your wedding.

Reasons for choosing particular wedding ceremonies and rituals often stem from cultural heritage, religious beliefs, personal preferences or even wanting to honour family traditions.

But couples may also choose a wedding ceremony that is popular for guest entertainment.

Traditions and customs associated with ceremonies may differ significantly, but the ultimate goal of a wedding ceremony is to celebrate the union of two people in love.


Whether it’s a traditional white wedding, a vibrant modern wedding or something in between, there is a style of wedding ceremony that resonates with every couple.

Wedding Ceremonies

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