Different ways to say ‘I Love You’

We all express love in a variety of ways. Be it in words, or through an action, here are many different ways to say I love you.

It can be a simple sentence. Or a kind gesture. Every new couple should convey their love in different ways. Let’s talk about ways to say I love you.

The possibilities are as many as you can think of. Especially when you’re a newlywed couple, it’s important to lay the foundations early. Why not try one of these ways to say I love you?

Different whys to say 'I Love You'

Texts or notes – in different languages
We’ll start off simple. “I love you” is good enough – if you get to hear those words, you’re lucky. But saying (or hearing) those three words in a different language make things even more fun and interesting. Send your other half a text or leave a handwritten note with that sentence in a different language. “Je t’aime”, “te quiero” and “ti amo” all sound beautiful and hey, it might even create a little excitement! Don’t overdo it – it’s also important to show your love with…

Kind gestures
As they say, actions speak louder than words. Showing your love as opposed to just saying it doesn’t have to be some huge romantic act. Little things matter. Put your hand on the small of their back as they walk before you. Give her flowers without needing an occasion. Cook him his favourite meal. Let him have some time with the boys. Even things likes chores – the ironing, cleaning, washing the car, mowing the lawn. Take over the tasks your partner would normally do without being asked. There are countless things you could do – it just has to be something that’s important to her/him.

Pay attention
All too often, couples don’t listen to each other. Like, REALLY listen. You can both show your love by giving your undivided attention. Obviously not every minute of the day, but when it matters. It is truly touching to hear our partners bring up something we said weeks ago, or surprise us with something that we enjoyed or wanted – because they made a point of remembering. Your actions will prove how much you value your partner, and that you’ve taken note of what is important to them.

Different whys to say 'I Love You'

Saying “I love you” is easy when you know how. Start at the very beginning of your marriage and keep it up. Check out our recommended wedding suppliers for everything you need to when planning your wedding day.