The Perfect Proposal

Whether it be on a beach, at a restaurant or lying-in bed. The perfect proposal comes in all shapes and sizes. If you’re planning on popping the big question, there are a few things to consider first. Not sure where to start?

No problem.

We’re going to take you through everything you need to know about perfecting an amazing proposal.

The Venue

Location, location, location.

A fantastic proposal doesn’t have to be overly fancy or in public. But it should be somewhere that is important to you as a couple.

This could be at home surrounded by family and friends, in your favourite restaurant or down at the local pub. Don’t be afraid to go big or go home, but also don’t be scared to make it a quiet and intimate event.

The Ring

Some of us are lucky enough to receive a ring during a proposal while others may have to wait a while. Nothing is wrong with either, in fact, some couples might choose not to have a ring at all! What is most important is finding a symbol that reflects your partner and the type of person they are. Every relationship is unique, so make sure that it reflects their beautiful uniqueness.

The Partner

We’ve saved the best till last!

While we adore an amazing location and a beautiful ring, the important part is who you’ll be sharing this moment with. If you’re doing the proposing, this is an amazing step and we have no doubt you’re going to kill it! If you’re the lucky person on the other end, enjoy the moment,

The Wedding

Okay, okay we’re getting ahead of ourselves. But once you’ve finished celebrating get ready to start planning!

Planning the big day get be overwhelming, so if you do need some help get in touch with Melbourne Bridal Expos. Not only will they put you in touch with some amazing vendors, they know all about crafting a special day.

The perfect proposal is nerve-racking, beautiful, funny, awkward, intimate and utterly unique to you as a couple.

You’re an amazing couple, let your proposal be amazing too!

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