In today’s business climate, a wider scope for digital marketing is a necessity, or your business may struggle to keep up with its more web-savvy competitors.

You’ve spent so much time planning your business – creating logos, designs, marketing material, products and organisational practicalities.  But how much have you invested your digital marketing presence?

Does every business need a website or can some survive just on social media pages?

We absolutely feel that every business needs a well designed and well SEO’d website to survive in this day and age.

A good website that constantly delivers new content, in combination with effective social media marketing is very often the critical factor in successfully selling your great services/products.

How much should a business owner expect to invest in a professional website?

Depending on what type of website you are needing for your business, you should expect to pay anywhere from $2000 for a basic website, and more as your requirements increase.

The price of the of a professional website will largely depend on the functionality you require. However, all websites need to have good SEO (search engine optimisation) implemented.  Without effective SEO, even a great-looking website won’t attract the views it deserves and that your business needs!

What questions should a business owner ask when looking for the best website designer to suit their needs?

Before talking to anyone, always do a little investigating. Research web designers online and compare how they rank on Google. Look through their business website and check out their latest work, and always look at their Facebook profile for testimonials and customer ratings.

This is a great start to finding a web designer. The vital thing to remember about web design is that there is so much involved than just looking pretty. It has to be effective and usable to your clients.

So here are the key things to consider when looking for a web company:

– Ranks no.1 on Google

– Has positive reviews on FB

– Showcases their latest work

These show transparency and effective digital marketing solutions, and are all great signs that you will be dealing with an expert.

Once you have reached the meet and greet stage, or are engaging in a phone consultation, you should have some questions on hand to ask.  We recommend asking:

–       How long do you take to build a site?

–       What deliverables will you need from me?

–       What steps will you take to increase my chances to reach number one on Google?

–       What steps can I take to grow my site after completion?

What are the key elements of a successful, effective website?

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a site which is properly SEO’d. Without proper practices in place, you will struggle to compete with other brands who have engaged an expert SEO-focussed web designer.

Some key elements to consider for any website design should be:

–       Low loading times

–       Responsive and aesthetically pleasing across all devices – Pinch to zoom is so so so outdated. (we believe it should be illegal!)

–       Easy navigation

–       Contact details easy to view

What should you never do on your business website?

We strongly recommend avoid the use of any flash banners – these are outdated and users will have to download software to view it. Most of the time users will quickly leave your site and go somewhere else.

You should limit the use of Ad banners, if you include any in at all.

Carefully consider the colour schemes used on your site. For example, red text on a blue background is awful and will repel potential visitors.

Are there any other considerations when choosing a web designer?

Good communication is fundamental when creating a great website with a strong digital marketing presence.  If you don’t feel comfortable with a web designer or have trouble communicating effectively, this could be an issue when it comes to getting the website you want.  Take note of the ease with which you engage when you first make contact and let that guide you.

Be wary of any web design company that seeks to retain control over your website, design or content after the site has been released.  You have invested time and money, and your website is one of your business’ greatest assets.  Make sure that the web company is forthcoming with information about maintaining your website, and arranges a complete handover.

Last, but certainly not least, you should enjoy the process!  This is an exciting time, creating something amazing that will take your business to the next level.

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