Choosing Wedding Videographers for Your “I Do’s”!

Photos are amazing, but have you considered a video to capture the magic of your wedding? Here are some tips for Choosing Wedding Videographers.

A well-made wedding video will ideally make the viewer smile, laugh, cry (happy tears) and feel like they are still right there at the wedding. Choosing wedding videographers is an important part of the planning. Here are some things to consider.

Some great tips for choosing wedding videographers

Be sure you are comfortable with the videographer

You will need to really vibe with your videographer from the moment you sign the contract to the months after the wedding, when the video is being edited. The quality of the video is highly dependent on the amount of rapport you have with the videographer. Being filmed in something not everyone is used to. Getting along with the person behind the lens will make a difference. Meet with a few people. You’ll be able to see which one asks the right questions, shares your sense of humour, and just gets you as a couple. There are some wonderful, engaging videographers out there – we recommend professionals such as ProEye Video – who are committed to making couples feel special on their big day.

Choosing Wedding Videographers Melbourne
Match your personality

This is particularly true if you like something a little more unique when it comes to your wedding. Check out videographers such as AS Films & Videography for inspiration.

Look at their previous work

A gifted videographer is an excellent storyteller. If the videos you see tell a story that evokes emotions from you, chances are, he or she is going to be do a wonderful job telling YOUR story. This is why getting to know each other is so important. The videographer needs to know you both to convey your story. PK Video is a great example of a video specialist who has made their portfolio available online.

Consider drone footage

Flowing from the previous point, a drone can capture key moments between a bride and groom, or the guests from above. Drone filming can look especially spectacular because it can also reveal the grandeur of a wedding venue and the surroundings.

Be clear on your budget

This is one area where you need to be clear. Videography doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but definitely allow enough in your budget to get the wedding videographer you want. Preparation, high quality equipment, physical demand and editing time cost money. Decide the amount you plan to pay but allow a little more if you can.


There is nothing better than a video to treasure. The magic of your wedding can be relived over and over. You’ll be able to find some great videographers via the Melbourne Bridal Expos online directory, as well as dozens of other vendors to make your wedding a reality.

Choosing Wedding Videographers