So, you’ve got everything sorted for your wedding day – the gown, venue, vehicles – but need to make sure you capture it perfectly. Here’s our guide to Choosing Wedding Photographers.

When choosing wedding photographers from the sea of possibilities out there, it makes sense to have a vision for your photos. Since you probably have a great idea regarding theme and style for your wedding, you should also have a sense of how you’d like your pics to look.

Check out online galleries

Most wedding photographers have online photo galleries – whether via the website or social media such as Instagram – for weddings they’ve worked on in the past. This is not only a wonderful way to gauge the photographer’s style, but it also gives a great impression when it comes to their experience and skill.

If you are considering a photographer that doesn’t have an online gallery or social media profile, all is not lost. You can contact them and ask for a consultation or web link.

We do strongly recommend that you look at a range of different photos from a photographer’s body of work before taking the plunge and booking them. For an example of a fantastic online gallery, check out Passion8 Photography.

Choosing Wedding Photographers - Passion8 Photography

Photo Credit: Passion8 Photography

Be sure of your style

Before you chat with a potential wedding photographer, know your style and have a sure sense of how you want your photos to look. It’s also a good idea to show your photographer some sample images you like, to help with the communication process. After all, a picture really can tell a thousand words!

Listen to your photographer’s advice

Once you’ve chosen your favourite photographer, it’s worth reminding yourself why you chose them in the first place. After all, you loved the samples of their past work and trust they are the professionals in this relationship.

Photographers know a lot about a lot when it comes to angles, light, and positioning. It’s okay to ask why they are suggesting something, but sometimes the reason really may escape you.

There are some phenomenal experts out there who have been photographing weddings week in, week out for many years. The likes of whizzes out there such as Icon Photography and The Wedding & Portrait Studio are true geniuses behind the camera. Their expertise helps create a beautiful result.


Choosing Wedding Photographers Melbourne

Photo Credit: Icon Photography

Budget – of course!

We’re not going to tell you that money should not be a factor in choosing a wedding photographer. It’s part of the wedding planning journey – finding the best service provider for your style and budget.

Make sure you are clear on budget before starting the search, as you may end up spending time communicating with a photographer that you can’t actually book due to financial constraints. There is bound to be a wonderful photographer who fits into your budget, you just need to look out and do your research.


To help brides with choosing wedding photographers and other suppliers, the Melbourne Bridal Expos directory has some of the key players in the wedding industry.

Choosing Wedding Photographers in Melbourne

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