The date is set, the venue booked, you’ve picked your dress… the next step is Choosing the Best Wedding Celebrant to help make it official.

There are so many celebrants out there to choose from, and you want the best wedding celebrant to reflect your personalities – as individuals and as a couple.

Well, here are a few tips to finding just that. The best wedding celebrant to bring your ceremony to life and make the occasion completely unforgettable!

Know your wedding style

MBE - Choosing the Best Wedding Celebrant - Julie Byrne

Is your wedding going to be a casual occasion, traditional affair, or something a little left of centre? It’s important to know so that you can find the perfect celebrant personality match. Wedding celebrants each have their own delivery style and approach to officiating weddings.

Do you want your guests to have a laugh, swoon, or spill over with emotion? Finding the best wedding celebrant to suit your desired outcome is a must.

For a great example of a funny, one-of-a-kind celebrant, check out Melbourne Celebrant Julie Byrne. We’ve attended a few of her weddings and have seen firsthand just how awesome she is!

Animals and all things unique

Not all celebrants are animal fans. So, if you love the idea of having your furry family members involved in the ceremony, find a celebrant who promotes animal-friendly ceremonies. Having your pooch or feline bestie by your sides on the day is extra special. After all, they are a key part of the family.

Being able to personalise your ceremony to make it a true reflection of you and your spouse should be top of your list.

Marry Me Helley is a wonderful celebrant to chat to if you’re after a pet-friendly wedding.

MBE - Choosing the Best Wedding Celebrant - Marry Me Helley

Romantic bliss

MBE - Choosing the Best Wedding Celebrant - Sharon Kershaw

Sometimes you want a little bit of romance, but still want a versatile celebrant that can match your mood and style. Choosing an officiant who is adaptable with their style, letting your vows be the centrepiece of the ceremony, is a win if you’re not sure of the exact style you’re after at the time of booking.

At Melbourne Bridal Expos, we are fans of Sharon Kershaw Celebrant when it comes to this.

Choose local

Like with many other purchases or services, choosing local is a brilliant way to support the people in your community and reduce the risk of any travel-related issues on the day. Whether you live or are getting married in Melbourne’s east, west, southeast or inner suburbs, on the Mornington Peninsula, or in the more regional areas of Victoria, you’ll find a celebrant near you.

The Mornington Peninsula’s Pauline Woolley is a lovely local celebrant who can help make your Peninsula wedding perfect.

MBE - Choosing the Best Wedding Celebrant - Pauline Woolley

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you how your ceremony plays out, but you still need guidance and support for all the formalities that are involved. Engaging a celebrant who can bring a little (or a lot) extra to the table will make your day even more amazing.

For more tips and information about planning your wedding, check out the Melbourne Bridal Expos online directory.