It might surprise you to know that there are celebrity wedding celebrants out there, who can add an extra dimension to your big day.

When planning your wedding, it’s important to think about who you want taking the ceremony. Someone casual, someone formal or someone to take the ceremony and make it into an entertaining experience for everyone attending?  You want a great personality to shine through, and celebrity wedding celebrants can offer this.

Finding a celebrant that can offer a unique experience on your wedding day is a tough task.  Someone who can embody your personality and represent this through their hosting. Someone who can make everyone at your wedding guests feel at ease, calm and happy – enjoying the vibrant mood of the room, filled with smiles and laughter.

Celebrity wedding celebrants are the perfect option for your wedding day, making an entertaining experience for everyone attending, and yourself on your special day.

Having someone take charge of your wedding ceremony and ensure that you can relax, enjoy and soak in the memories of the day can make the world of difference. Not only is it great to know your wedding is in good hands through experienced celebrity wedding celebrants, it also brings an extra element of spark to the day by having a celebrant with a celebrity profile surprise guests on the day – really bringing in a fresh energy.

Celebrity wedding celebrants can come in many forms – from your favourite reality television star, your favourite news anchor, an actor of choice from your favourite film or more – the possibilities are endless!

Not sure which Aussie stars could be officiating your own wedding?  Here are a few to choose from:

Mike Larkan

Known by most as one of Australia’s favourite TV weather personalities, Mike Larkan is also a highly sought-after wedding celebrant.  His warmth and genuine energy is perfect for any wedding.



Celebrity Wedding Celebrants

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Greg Evans

If there is a king of TV romance, Greg Evans is our pick.  He became a household name in the 1980s as the host of Perfect Match.  You’ll certainly make a statement with Greg as your celebrant.

Celebrity Wedding Celebrants

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Gina Liano

Looking for personality plus glamour?  Look no further than Gina Liano, star of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Tottie Goldsmith

We didn’t even know Tottie Goldsmith was a marriage celebrant until recently!  We think she is perfect for the role, with her work in radio and theatre.


You have the opportunity to build your own experience by allowing your celebrity wedding celebrant curate a day – specifically based around your sense of humour and relationship history – when combined creating the perfect setting for your special day.

Celebrity wedding celebrants work with you to ensure that you have a day specifically tailored to you. We work with you to understand what you want to take away from your day, and who you would have a blast interacting with throughout your wedding ceremony.

Create a unique wedding experience just for you, and wow your guests with a celebrity wedding celebrant.

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