Bro-Dal Showers – The Groom’s Time to Shine

This is one of the best new wedding trends we have ever seen! Bro-Dal Showers are becoming a thing for the grooms who want to shine!

The truth is, Bro-Dal Showers are not an entirely new concept, but now they have an awesome name and are a much more modern incarnation of an older tradition.

For so long, the stereotype of the buck’s party has been the focal point for male wedding preparations. If you believe the movies, men have three main pre-wedding events – the suit fitting, the crazy buck’s party and a rehearsal, including dinner.

In real life there is obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes. Men are more involved in wedding preparations than ever before and are also celebrating in lots of different ways. At Melbourne Bridal Expos, we are mildly obsessed with Bro-Dal Showers.

So, what is a Bro-Dal Shower?

It is what it sounds like – a male version of the time-honoured bridal shower.  A pre-wedding party for the groom and his close circle of family and friends.  This is about giving the groom a chance to bond with those most important to him.

What about presents?

If guests bring a gift, it is usually something practical for the household or the newlyweds’ future.  Gifts aren’t necessary, however.  Sometimes the best gift of all is quality time and helpful life advice!

Bro-Dal Showers – The Groom’s Time to Shine

To theme or not to theme…

This is entirely up to the groom and his “bros”.  Who says men can’t love a great themed party? 

Themes don’t have to be centred around typical “manly” subjects though – are you thinking footy too?  There are plenty of awesome ideas out there, from sci-fi to James Bond.


The menu

We are delving into stereotype territory here, but who doesn’t think of barbecue, sliders or bacon skewers when they hear “Bro-Dal Shower”?  Add a cigar bar and quality whisky, and you’re unlikely to get many complaints.

Of course, Bro-Dal Showers can include anything that the groom wishes.  The Melbourne Bridal Expos team encourages engaged couples everywhere to incorporate this great new idea into their wedding plans.

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