Since the coronavirus outbreak, the wedding industry has had a great shake up. Due to these events, there are several Bridal Trends for 2021 that couples are now choosing.

Due to certain restrictions, it is important to consider what is trending in weddings for 2021. 2020 was a year like no other and couples have had to reconsider their wedding visions.

With a focus now on relaxed style and certain hues from yellow to grey, here are the bridal trends for 2021 that are influencing the new wedding landscape.

Bridal Trends for 2021
Themes – Relaxed, Informal, Sustainable

Gone are the big weddings and sit-down formal events. With smaller weddings on the cards, due to the importance of social distancing, couples are choosing more relaxed nuptial options. Informal seating arrangements and large areas allows couples to have a safe, yet memorable, event surrounded by loved ones. Stand-up cocktail events that are outdoors are the way to go this year allowing everyone to feel safe and have a good time.

One of the primary focusses on weddings in 2021 is sustainability. Spending less does not mean sacrificing a beautiful wedding. Outdoor weddings can require fewer decorative features thanks to the beautiful greenery and florals nature provides. Couples are also considering the amount of waste their wedding will produce – food, excessive details, unnecessary costs…

Wedding favours are playing a smaller role for many couples. However, if this is something you do not want to forego, why not opt for sanitisers with a thank you note? You will definitely make a statement that guests will remember!

Melbourne Bridal Trends 2021
Colours – Greys and Yellows

Bold colours for weddings in 2021 are trending, and Pantone’s colours of the year have been announced. Illuminating and Ultimate Grey create a new, striking effect that will stick around for some time.

Known as ‘mood boosting hues’ yellow – such as the stunning Illuminating – is a perfect choice which is extremely versatile. It is a fresh and happy colour that can be used for a summer beach wedding or an autumn wedding with a romantic theme, and complements any theme. You will be surprised how stunning it is when adding it to your wedding in 2021.

Besides yellow, grey is a trending colour for weddings in 2021. With a range of tones to choose from, you can opt for a soft grey for a romantic theme or a darker hue that is classic and luxe creating a modern chic theme.

We love Ultimate Grey contrasted with the heart-warming Illuminating yellow, but grey can go with any other colour, making it a perfect back drop to your special day.

With the shifts that have occurred recently, 2021 has bought about real, lasting change in the bridal industry. After the rollercoaster that was 2020, check out the Melbourne Bridal Expos online directory and let 2021 and these gorgeous new trends help you celebrate your love!

Bridal Trends for 2021